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Kathy Marchione is running a high quality grassroots campaign to ensure that your views are represented in the NYS Senate. Kathy’s ideas will make a difference, but we need your help to get our message out to voters in your area and throughout the 43rd Senate District.

There are a variety of tasks volunteers will perform to lead us to victory on Election Day. Please review the list of activities below and check off all that interest you. The Marchione for NYS Senate campaign will then contact you to discuss your role in this important effort.

Kathy thanks you for your active involvement in this campaign and looks forward to working with you.


The campaign only requests a 2-3 hour commitment per month.
Your personal time is very important to Kathy. Please indicate a time commitment that you would be comfortable with. That will help us fit you into the campaign and not conflict with the important things in your life!

Yes, I would like to help Team Marchione: