Statement from Kathy Marchione Regarding False “Double-Dip” Accusations

Over the past six months, it has become increasingly clear that Republican voters are preparing to choose someone new to represent the 43rd State Senate district. As New York State law prohibits me from speaking publicly about any internal polling that the campaign has conducted, I have been extremely careful not to disclose any actions that may be taking place as a result of it such as preparations for my departure as Saratoga County Clerk following victory in this week’s Republican primary.

On September 4th, in an effort to prevent the Democrat Governor from having the opportunity to appoint a Democrat County Clerk, I filed paperwork to begin the process of retiring. Doing so would allow for a special election to be held on November 6th, virtually guaranteeing that the seat remains in Republican hands. Failing to step aside prior to September 20th would have resulted in a Democrat occupying the seat for the next year.

Roy McDonald knew all of this. I made it clear during the endorsement process that, if I were victorious in the primary, I would leave my position in time to make sure the Saratoga County Clerk’s office remained in Republican hands. Despite the dishonesty, threats, and wholesale unfairness that I endured in that endorsement process, I still believe in the Republican Party and its principles–principles that Roy rejected long ago. Yesterday, Roy McDonald made a decision: he chose to score political points at the expense of the Republican Party as a whole. His behavior in this matter has been reprehensible–but not surprising.

Once again, Roy has shown his true colors, concerned more about his own job than the party to which he claims to belong. Whether it’s been his liberal votes in the Assembly and Senate or his Albany-knows-best attitude, Roy McDonald has proven that he looks at the Republican Party as nothing more than his doormat to political office. It should come as no surprise that the voters are poised to reject him in Thursday’s Republican primary.

If I do retire, it’s my intention, during my time as State Senator, to donate either my legislative salary or my pension to worthy not-for-profits, through a specially-established organization, in a manner similar to what Assemblyman Bob Reilly has done for the past eight years. Having not yet actually retired or secured the Republican nomination, any discussion on the matter was premature. In hindsight, I could have used this as a campaign pledge, but my actions were governed exclusively by my concern that the Saratoga County Clerk’s office remain in Republican hands. It was never my intention to “double-dip” from the taxpayers, and Roy McDonald’s staff should be ashamed of themselves for suggesting as much.