Recent Legislation

Give Everyone the Opportunity to Succeed

Senator Marchione’s approach to public service and helping her constituents is positive, inclusive, and based on her strong belief in working together to give everyone the opportunity to succeed. Senator Marchione’s proactive and bi-partisan legislative agenda includes delivering real tax relief for families and small businesses (Senate Bill S.2609D), stopping wasteful spending (Senate Bill S.966), banning Albany’s unfunded mandates (Senate Bill S.1294A), honoring and helping New York’s courageous veterans (Senate Bill S.5968), strengthening our schools (Senate Bill S.5452), supporting family farmers (Senate Bill S.6879), and cutting job-killing rules, regulations and red tape for job creators so they can grow an economy that works – and works better – for all New Yorkers (Senate Bill S.5166A).

Below is a list of other recent important legislation sponsored by Kathy:

S1025 — Prohibits the passage of bills by the legislature between the hours of midnight and eight o’clock a.m. unless two-thirds of the legislature is present and requires two-thirds approval for messages of nece
S1080 — Relates to the display of tobacco products in pharmacies
S1082A — Prohibits the slaughter of horses for human consumption
S1083 — Relates to the penalty for the offense of predatory sexual assault against a child
S1084 — Provides for the recall power of the electors to remove an elective officer
S1085 — Requires legislative approval for the closure of correctional facilities and institutions
S1086 — Requires the assent of a two-thirds majority of the members elected to each branch of the legislature prior to the immediate vote on any legislation which has not aged for three days
S1191 — Relates to rules and regulations of the state; requires recommendations on repealing unnecessary or otherwise burdensome rules and regulations
S1192 — Requires that documentation of statutory authority accompany proposed rules prior to the public comment period
S1193 — Repeals chapter 1 of the laws of 2013, amending the criminal procedure law and other laws relating to suspension and revocation of firearms licenses; private sale or disposal of firearms, rifles or shotguns
S1196 — Requires the county health commissioner to notify certain individuals in the event of an emergency creating an imminent risk to public health and safety
S1197 — Relates to the imposition of sales tax on snowmobiles and all terrain vehicles
S1198A — Relates to the implementation of an interface between the department of motor vehicles and the state police to compare information submitted to the department of motor vehicles to warrants
S1199A — Provides for an increase in the rates of compensation for gold star parents
S1200A — Provides for an increase in the rates of annuities payable to veterans and surviving spouses of veterans
S1214A — Relates to the issuance of a New York State Korean War Service Medal
S1215B — Provides for a tax check-off box on tax returns for gifts to the New York state horse retirement and rescue fund; and directs the commissioner of agriculture to compile a list of approved rescue programs
S1320A — Exempts certain senior citizen organizations from paying sales and compensating use taxes
S1382 — Relates to the issuance of a New York State Vietnam War Service Medal
S1383 — Provides that the periods of the Iranian Hostage Crisis and from November 21, 1979 to October 20, 1981 be “time of war” periods for civil service credit
S1384 — Repeals section 3-408 of the election law relating to election inspectors and clerks
S1476 — Relates to repealing the New York SAFE Act of 2013
S1477 — Relates to the availability of subject matter lists of records in the possession of a state agency
S1487 — Relates to pro rata license fees for seasonal bars
S1556 — Relates to gun control; repealer
S1655 — Provides veterans with access to certain economic programs and incentives, and expands the population served by the division of minority and women’s business development
S1849 — Establishes a person is guilty of grand larceny in the fourth degree when he or she steals property and is in possession of an anti-security item
S2454 — Provides a tax credit for the cost of purchasing a gun safe
S2654 — Allows a tax credit for certain travel expenses incurred by certain employees of the department of corrections and community supervision
S3094 — Requires the department of corrections and community supervision to maintain the responsibility and costs of monitoring any person required to use an ignition device
S3534 — Amends the assessment roll year for which the assessor of the city of Hudson is authorized to accept an application for exemption from real property taxes from the State Street A M E Zion Church
S3535 — Amends the assessment roll year for which the assessor of the city of Hudson is authorized to accept an application for exemption from real property taxes from the Shiloh Baptist Church
S3536 — Amends the assessment roll year for which the assessor of the city of Hudson is authorized to accept an application for exemption from real property taxes from Holy Temple First Church of God in Christ
S3538B — Authorizes the regulation of taxicabs, limousines, livery and transportation network company vehicles in certain municipalities
S3739B — Directs the commissioner of parks, recreation and historic preservation to cooperate with municipalities in establishing adopt-a-park programs
S3825 — Permits agencies, municipalities and public authorities to enter into power purchase agreements
S3826 — Establishes March 13 as a day of commemoration to be known as “K9 Veterans Day”
S3895 — Provides for the issuance and production of proof of motor vehicle financial security in electronic form on the owner’s portable electronic device
S3897A — Relates to use of official seals
S3908 — Relates to providing a tax credit for the purchase of gun safety equipment
S3909A — Requires dating violence education and dating violence policies in school districts, board of cooperative educational services and county vocational education and extension boards
S3910B — Allows a tax credit for certain individuals obtaining hunting, fishing and trapping licenses
S4000 — Authorizes shooting preserves and shooting clubs to sell ammunition for exclusive use on the premises thereof without being deemed a “seller of ammunition”
S4226 — Relates to the sale of ammunition to minors; repealer
S4227 — Relates to the definition of an assault weapon
S4228 — Relates to the definition of an assault weapon
S4236 — Requires an updated photo to be taken in order to renew a driver’s license
S4420A — Relates to requirements of a witness to a designating petition or independent nominating petition
S4477 — Enacts the “public officer protection act” to impose criminal penalties for the service, distribution or filing of fraudulent documents which appear to be judicial documents
S4478A — Provides that special revenue funds shall not be transferred or loaned temporarily without specific statutory authority
S4535 — Establishes a distinctive “New York recycles” license plate, with the proceeds therefrom deposited into the solid waste account of the environmental protection fund
S4590 — Permits minors to be employed as a referee, umpire or official at a youth sporting event
S4591 — Relates to the filing of false liens against certain public officials
S4633 — Eliminates the sales tax on transportation services; repealer
S4634 — Relates to the transfer of veterinary records for claimed racehorses
S4646 — Permits state lottery winners to remain anonymous to the general public
S4713 — Establishes do not resuscitate orders on drivers’ licenses and identification cards
S4811A — Relates to the adoption of a statewide teacher and principal evaluation system
S4992 — Prohibits the New York state department of taxation and finance from charging a fee for applications for a certificate of registration pursuant to a re-registration program
S5111A — Authorizes the state and certain local governments to establish other post employment benefits (OPEB) trusts
S5355A — Relates to the sale of governmental signage or other metal property
S5356 — Relates to the payment of aid to eligible municipalities in which a video lottery gaming facility is located
S5461A — Relates to notifying recipients of STAR exemptions of statutory limits on savings increases in STAR exemption statements
S5462 — Requires that landlords ensure that any window treatments installed in a residential unit are in proper working order
S5466 — Relates to requiring that information be made available to parents regarding window blind safety
S5690A — Relates to comptroller audits of certain organizations controlled by municipal corporations and certain other government entities
S5704 — Relates to licenses to carry, possess, repair and dispose of firearms
S5792B — Enables the victim of a misdemeanor to make a statement at the sentencing of the defendant
S5839 — Relates to authorizing the state liquor authority to issue a license to sell beer at retail for consumption off-premises to a grocery store located within the town of Copake
S5845 — Relates to the redemption of real property subject to a delinquent tax lien
S5857B — Authorizes the Legal Aid Society of Northeastern New York to apply to the assessor of the city of Saratoga Springs for a retroactive real property tax exemption on a certain parcel of land
S5926 — Relates to the timeframe in which an invoice of assessment is to be submitted to the state comptroller
S5930A — Relates to video gaming machines and disposition of revenues
S5947 — Relates to the sentencing requirements for the offenses of hindering prosecution and conspiracy
S6089A — Develops a comprehensive plan and operational guidelines to promote veteran-owned business enterprises
S6327 — Designates members of the security force at Saratoga Hospital as peace officers
S6328 — Relates to adding Wyomanock Creek to the definition of inland waterways
S6329 — Relates to adding the Roeliff Jansen Kill to the definition of inland waterways
S6330A — Relates to adding the Bash Bish to the definition of inland waterways
S6374 — Designates working dogs as the official state dog
S6382A — Designates working dogs as the official state dog
S6431 — Requires multiple liens on farm property to be paid in chronological order, with the earliest lien being paid off first and the most recent being paid last
S6432 — Establishes the class B felony of criminal sale of a controlled substance upon the grounds of a drug or alcohol treatment center
S6433 — Provides that veterans who hold either a federal Golden Access Passport or federal Access Pass shall be granted use of public campsites, parks and other public places of recreation free of charge
S6434 — Establishes a gold star father distinctive number plate
S6482 — Designates a portion of the state highway system in the city of Saratoga Springs, county of Saratoga as the “Assemblyman Robert D’Andrea Bridge”
S6497B — Relates to the designation of the “United States Submarine Veterans’ Memorial Highway – Saratoga County”
S6759 — Relates to expanding opportunities for veteran-owned business enterprises
S6824A — Relates to the tolling of the statute of limitations relating to personal injury caused by contact with ground water contaminated by substances, compounds or toxins
S6994A — Relates to sentences of imprisonment for the murder of a pregnant woman
S7014 — Relates to the powers and duties of fire district commissioners
S7102B — Relates to the confinement of companion animals in vehicles in extreme temperatures
S7292 — Relates to requiring the compilation of the number of deaths by opioid overdose
S7295 — Enacts the “zombie property remediation act of 2016”
S7318 — Relates to issuance of a new driver’s license to identify theft victims
S7368 — Provides a reduction in insurance premium charges for insured volunteer firefighters or emergency personnel after completing the emergency vehicle operator’s course
S7464 — Relates to the disposition of cats
S7645 — Designates the Claverack Creek, the Taghkanic Creek and the Agawamuck Creek as parts of the inland waterway system
S7790A — Authorizes the city of Hudson to impose hotel and motel taxes
S7811A — Provides for the inclusion, at a voter’s option, of an e-mail address in the voter registration application and record for notices to be sent thus and by U.S.P.S.
S7852 — Authorizes BOCES to provide instruction to students at a certain property in Hudson
S7958 — Relates to giving public notice of meetings through electronic means
S7979 — Relates to the construction of pipe lines
S8020 — Relates to enacting Jacobe’s Law
S8052 — Relates to the Upper Hudson Wine Trail
S8185 — Establishes a fund to benefit the residents of Hoosick Falls, Hoosick, and Petersburgh regarding medical monitoring expenses for those exposed to PFOA (perfluorooctanoic acid) contaminated water
S8193 — Authorizes and directs the commissioner of the department of health to conduct biomonitoring on the residents of Hoosick Falls, Hoosick, and Petersburgh regarding PFOA (perfluorooctanoic acid) contamination