On the Issues


Working to Give Everyone the Opportunity to Succeed

Senator Kathy Marchione is a trusted, independent voice for the real change that New York’s families, communities and small businesses need. Taxpayers know they can count on Kathy to put people before politics, stand up for what’s right, and work for a safer, stronger, more affordable New York. Senator Marchione’s approach to public service and helping her constituents is positive, inclusive, and based on her strong belief in working together to give everyone the opportunity to succeed.


More Jobs and Opportunities for all New Yorkersgop-vision

“Things in New York are getting better – our economy is recovering and unemployment is lower than it was in 2008. But ‘better’ isn’t good enough. We still have much to do before our state is more affordable and our economy more competitive so every New Yorker who wants a job, has one.”

– Kathy Marchione

kidsA First-Class Education for All Students

“Every child is unique, every child can learn, and every child deserves a first-class education that properly prepares them to compete, and win, in the 21st century workplace and world. A quality education in a safe, supportive and nurturing school is every child’s right, regardless of their zip code.”

– Kathy Marchione


Real Tax Relief for Families and Job Creators

“Families and private sector job creators know best how to spend their hard-earned money, not Albany bureaucrats. Real tax relief puts more money back into the hands of families so they can save, and lets job creators reinvest so they can hire more people.”

– Kathy Marchione


km9Honoring New York’s Heroes

“Our freedom isn’t free: it’s been paid for in the service, sacrifice and blood of New York’s true heroes: the courageous men and women of our armed forces.  Words of thanks are appreciated, but we must match our words of praise with programs and policies that support our veterans and help provide more jobs and opportunities when they return back home.”

– Kathy Marchione


km6Reforming Welfare

“Waste, fraud and abuse in the welfare program exploits the generosity of hard-working taxpayers and drains vital resources from a public assistance program intended to help the truly needy. Stopping welfare waste, fraud and abuse will protect taxpayer dollars and ensure that New Yorkers who require a helping hand receive the assistance they need to get back on their feet.”

– Kathy Marchione


shooting2aPreserving and Protecting the Second Amendment

“Our constitutionally guaranteed right to keep and bear arms is America’s first freedom and must be preserved and protected. The Second Amendment is a cherished freedom that I believe in and always will fight for.”

– Kathy Marchione


farmsSupporting Family Farming

“Family farming and agriculture are the strong backbone of New York’s economy. We need to continue supporting the proud heritage of family farming and ensure that agriculture remains our state’s number-one industry.”

– Kathy Marchione


Cutting Job-Killing Red Tape

“Albany’s 22 miles of government rules, regulations and red tape are hurting job creators, tangling up communities and stifling private sector innovation. I helped lead a historic, bi-partisan effort to identify 2,219 job-killing rules and regulations to cut Albany’s red tape so we can unleash the power, promise and potential of New York’s innovation economy.”

– Kathy Marchione


addiction_opioidHelping Individuals Overcome Drug Abuse

“The alarming increase in heroin and opioid abuse and addiction in New York is something should concern every family. The answer to the rise in heroin and opioid abuse can be found in community-based solutions recognizing that behind every addiction statistic is a person, a soul, who needs, and deserves, our help.”

– Kathy Marchione