Kathy Marchione, Republican candidate for New York State Senate, today announced that she has received an “A” rating from the New York State Rifle and Pistol Association, a tremendous distinction for a legislative challenger.

“This rating is a recognition of Kathy’s unwavering commitment to the 2nd Amendment and her proven record of defending our right to keep and bear arms as Saratoga County Clerk. New Yorkers have a true champion for their 2nd Amendment rights in Kathy Marchione,” said spokesman Ken Girardin.

As Saratoga County Clerk, Marchione fought to protect the privacy of individuals with pistol permits and opposed efforts by the legislature to make pistol permits renewable. Marchione opposes microstamping and supports reciprocity and making New York a “shall-issue” state for pistol permit applicants.

This top rating follows Marchione receiving the endorsement of Gun Owners of America, which contrasted Marchione’s distinguished record of defending 2nd Amendment rights with McDonald’s acceptance of more than $10,000 in campaign cash from anti-gun Mayor Michael Bloomberg.