Marchione Blasts Latest McDonald Attack

Kathy Marchione, Republican-Conservative candidate for State Senate (43rd district), today blasted incumbent Roy McDonald for his latest desperate television ad in which he claims Kathy is “swindling” taxpayers and tries to deceive voters into believing that the county clerk sets his or her own pay or benefits.

“I don’t set my own salary or my own benefits. Roy McDonald should know that the Board of Supervisors is responsible for that because he voted for the very raises he’s attacking me for taking. It’s absolutely bizarre that he would attack me for something that he voted on,” said Marchione.

“The salary of the Saratoga County clerk is almost identical to the salaries and benefits received by other clerks in the Capital Region. In fact, I elected not to accept health insurance from the county for 21 of the 22 years I was eligible and I saved the taxpayers tens of thousands of dollars in the process,” said Marchione.

Marchione said McDonald should spend less time trying to smear her with misleading ads and more time explaining to taxpayers why he was hired by M&T bank just two weeks after being sworn into the Senate and only months before the bank ended its lobbying contract with Patricia Lynch and Associates.

“Roy McDonald likes to play around with numbers but these are pretty clear and they beg the question — is Roy McDonald the lobbyist for M&T bank? It certainly looks that way,” said Marchione.

Marchione said she was disappointed but not surprised by McDonald’s misleading and deceptive ad.

“Roy is a typical Albany politician desperately clinging to power and willing to do and say anything to keep it. But it’s kind of funny when you think that one year ago Roy was telling voters to ‘take the job and shove it’,” said Marchione.