County Clerks Respond to Latest McDonald Dishonesty

County clerks from across the state today spoke out in response to Roy McDonald’s latest desperate attack on Kathy Marchione. McDonald is currently running an ad which falsely claims the Saratoga County Clerk’s office acted inappropriately in issuing Saratoga County-series “SP” license plates.

“The suggestion that Kathy Marchione has acted inappropriately is completely unfounded. Every county that has a motor vehicle office has its own series of plates, and Kathy has acted fairly and properly in issuing them,” said Rockland County Clerk and President of the New York State Association of County Clerks Paul Piperato.

“Every county is issued a county license plate series. That’s a policy set by the state, not by the individual county clerk. I have known Kathy Marchione for more than fourteen years, and she has always conducted herself with the utmost integrity,” said Rensselaer County Clerk Frank Merola.

“County clerks act as agents of NYS DMV in 51 counties across NYS, and all of us have county clerk plates to issue to constituents from NYSDMV. This is a long-standing tradition and to imply any impropriety on behalf of those county clerks is unfounded and simply uncalled for. Are we saying that law enforcement is also involved? Kathy Marchione is a well-respected member of the Clerk’s Association and like the rest of us, runs her office in a fair and ethical fashion,” stated Columbia County Clerk Holly Tanner.

“Like any Albany politician in danger of losing their power, Roy McDonald is desperate. In just two weeks’ time, Roy has attacked Kathy for a raise he voted to give her, for a pension she’s never collected and now for following state DMV policy. It’s anybody’s guess what bizarre claim he’ll come up with next,” said Marchione spokesman Ken Girardin.