May 8, 2012


Contact Information:

Clifton Park Republican Committee

Brian J Telesh, Chairman

(518) 779-5163


The Clifton Park Republican Committee proudly endorsed Kathy Marchione for New York State Senate in the 43rd District.   After hearing presentations from both Sen. Roy McDonald and Senate candidate Kathy Marchione the committee decided that Kathy Marchione would be deserving of the endorsement in Saratoga County.

Both Roy McDonald and Kathy Marchione have represented the people of Clifton Park and Saratoga County in different offices over the past 4 years. As members of the Saratoga County Republican Committee we wanted to make their voices heard.   The committee looked at the records of the candidates in addition to their visions for the future and it was clear that Kathy Marchione best represented the views and vision of the Clifton Park Republican Committee.

The State and County party rules treat the Saratoga County Republican Committee as one deliberative body and endorsements have always been as a full committee.  The full committee voted on every other office back on March 17th.  Although some people disagree that everyone in the County should vote on endorsements Chairman Brian Telesh commented “We should not reward politicians who gerrymander their own lines removing towns where there is opposition by those Republican Committees.  Senator McDonald helped create the lines that gave him an advantage and then voted on them in the middle of the night when people were sleeping.  Politicians who don’t want to be held accountable for their voting record shouldn’t be drawing these lines. Politicians who draw lines to protect themselves is the stuff that sours people on the political process.  I am so glad that our Committee members are able to have their voices heard and plan on doing so when the County calls for the next full Committee meeting.”

Kathy Marchione received support of the committee because of her track record of standing up for the people of Saratoga County.  Vice-Chairman Rob Ritter stated that “Kathy has proven leadership in decades of service to the people. She has a strong record fighting for the people with passion and conviction.  She has always stood on the side of the taxpayers and the interest of her constituents.  She will bring that same spirt and conviction always fighting for the people as a State Senator.  A prime example is Driver Licenses to illegal aliens; Kathy stood up for the people and won even when facing the threat of removal from office for doing so.  We need someone who willing to stand on principles in the Senate.”  Chairman Brian Telesh added “Kathy clearly has been and has pledged to be a consistent Conservative Republican.  I am confident that Kathy Marchione will listen to her constituents and vote to represent their views and not that of special interests.  While most of government runs as a bureaucratic burden on taxpayers Kathy is running a Clerk’s office that generates income while providing services.  Kathy’s innovations include first in NY State DMV by appointment and DMV offices where it is convenient for residents in local Malls.  Kathy was not afraid to stand up to Elliot Spitzer and she won’t be afraid to stand up to liberals who want to continue to tax and spend our State into bankruptcy.  Kathy understands what is important to people in upstate NY and won’t vote like she is from New York City.  I now call on the Saratoga County Republican Committee to allow all members voices to be heard by holding a full committee meeting to make our final endorsement.”

The Clifton Park Republican Committee is the largest political committee in Saratoga County and has the highest weighted vote in the Saratoga County Republican Committee.



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