Albany Swearing-In Ceremony Remarks

Albany Swearing-In Ceremony Remarks (As Prepared) From NYS Senator

Kathy A. Marchione (R,C-Halfmoon, 43rd State Senate District)

 Thank you all for being here today.  I want to recognize and thank State Supreme Court Justice Ann Crowell, a good friend, for being here today.

Justice Crowell, I – and so many others – were thrilled when you became the first woman ever elected to serve families of our State Supreme Court’s Fourth Judicial District.  It was a historic honor befitting your dedication to the law and your care, and concern, for the people of New York State.

And thank you to Majority Leader Dean Skelos, for all of your support, guidance and friendship.

To my predecessor, Roy McDonald, I say thank you for your years of honorable service to our local community, to our state, and to our nation.

This afternoon we gather in the beautiful and historic New York State Senate Chamber.  In a few days, we will convene our Legislative Session to begin anew the people’s business – people that I am so incredibly honored and privileged to serve.

The happiness of this day – and this holiday season – being with family and friends, it shines against a sorrowful shadow from the recent tragedies in Newtown, Connecticut and Webster, New York.

The devastation wrought by Hurricane Sandy that has hurt so many of our fellow New Yorkers.

The critical fiscal challenges facing New York State – and our nation.

The continued need to reform, renew and reconnect our state government with the people it serves.

Sometimes, the challenges can seem overwhelming.

The climb, too steep.

The obstacles, too daunting.

The world, can seem too much.

In times such as these, I turn to faith, family and friends.  I find comfort in the words of scripture.

One passage from Psalms in particular:

“Joy cometh in the morning.”

It is scripture’s reminder that each new morning brings the promise of a better day, the hope of renewal.

These next two years, I will work hard to turn those words of renewal into deeds, and be a public servant – a State Senator – worthy of your continued trust and confidence.  I will be a State Senator who stands up for what is right.

I will draw my inspiration from the strength, resolve and character of the families I serve across the 43rd Senate District.

The strength of parents who work hard, teach their children right from wrong, and somehow still find time to give back to their community.

The strength of a single mom, tired and bone-weary from working two jobs, to support her children and build a better life.

The strength of a small business owner, fighting to keep their doors open and workers employed in a tough economy.

The strength of our courageous first responders who willingly enter harm’s way to save their fellow citizens.

And the strength of a free people who recognize that our great freedoms demand even greater personal responsibility.

This strength – your strength – will be my strength.

I will work hard, keep my promises, honor my commitments and always remember that public service is a public trust.  I will lead by example and work for a state government that is honest, ethical, accountable and responsive.

A state government that taxes and spends less so families can save and invest.

A state government that issues fewer regulations so our small businesses can create more jobs.

A state government that has the wisdom to realize it does not have all the answers, but does have the good sense to listen to, and learn from, the people it serves.

A state government ambitious enough to pursue excellence, yet humble enough to recognize the limits of its power.

A state government open to new ideas, but respectful of the traditions and institutions that have made New York State strong.

In short, I want to be part of a state government as hard-working, good and decent as the people it serves.

Today is the first step on that journey.  I count myself blessed – truly blessed – to have each of you with me as we begin this new journey, together.

Thank you again.  I am proud to be your Senator.